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A Kiss Scene Excerpt from Sanctuary for Seers

Mr. Quinton Chadwick has just told Sera he must leave on a dangerous assignment. Bear in mind Sera sees emotions as if they are almost tangible.

“If it wouldn’t be too presumptuous of me to ask,” he begins, but shakes his head and rakes a hand through his bronze curls. “No, that sounds wrong. Allow me to rephrase. Perhaps permission is the appropriate word.”

“Appropriate word for what?”

He lifts his chin, and a mixture of wildly vibrant colors swirl around him. “May I have permission to kiss you farewell? One brief kiss, that’s all I ask. I know it is highly improper, but under the circumstances…” He continues on, jumbling my emotions into an indecipherable tangle. “I assure you my intentions are honorable and—”

“I rather think at this point, considering the fact that I have not run away screaming, you might stop asking, and simply do it.”

He stares at me, as if I slapped him instead of granting him permission. Clearly, I have put a damper on whatever ardor he may have felt.

Except, no

His cheeks flush, he tosses his hat to the ground and wraps his arms around me, holding me so close I can scarcely breathe. Gazing intently at my mouth he whispers huskily, “I confess, I have never done this before.”

“Nor have I.” The words barely escape before he covers my lips with his, and the air around us deepens to a rich wine. I breathe it in, savoring the way it flows over us and around us, a waterfall of spellbinding sensations.

Kissing is wondrous.

If only there was some way to wrap myself in this glorious warmth forever. I close my eyes. Too soon, he lets go. His sharp intake of breath startles me. Kissing him made me feel as if I was pleasantly melting. Small wonder—I open my eyes to discover Quentin Chadwick is blazing like a bonfire. I blink, trying to make sense of it. Is he angry?

Confused, I ask, “Did you not like it?”

His head tilts oddly. He says nothing but seizes me and, praise heaven, he kisses me again.

He must’ve liked it.

Yes, yes, I’m quite sure now. He covers my mouth as if he is a starving man and I am a feast. His one kiss turns into two and then into ten. I grow more and more intoxicated with each one and I’m no longer certain I can stand on my own.


A foggy portion of my brain asks, Who said that?



Uh-oh! A rush of embarrassment restores feeling to my limbs and mortification to my cheeks. Mr. Chadwick and I reluctantly ease apart.

A teasing smirk dances across Georgie’s features. At least she has the good grace to pretend she’s looking at the ocean. “Miss Stranje sent me to collect you. The spy may not survive the hour. You must come straightway and question him.”

Our blissful haze explodes into a million glittering shards, and I break into a run. Georgie and Quentin follow hard on my heels. But I must race death, and that makes me faster than anyone expects.


Thank you for inviting me on your blog. I had fun!

Here’s my bio and social media links:

Kathleen Baldwin delights readers around the globe with her fun heartwarming novels. Kathleen is a Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestselling author with more than 650,000 copies of her books sold worldwide. Her Notorious Aunt novels even captured the attention of a Japanese publisher who has adapted one of them into a manga.

Her love of adventure isn’t limited to her writing. Kathleen taught rock climbing in the Rockies, survival camped in the desert and in the snow, slept beside a mountain lion, and lost an argument with a rattlesnake. After surviving all that, she married her very own hero and raised a houseful of adventurous children.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot calls Baldwin’s A SCHOOL FOR UNUSUAL GIRLS "completely original and totally engrossing."

Connect with Kathleen here:

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