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Literary Love Savannah 2023 Reader and Author Convention

Looking for something to do this summer? Love books and hanging out with indie authors? Come join us in Savannah, GA at the Marriott for a weekend of FUN!

The image will take you to the general group where you can find out more about it!

If you know you want to go: Here is the Ticket Link on Eventbrite.

Some things to know:

  1. Reader registration closes in May, so grab your tickets sooner rather than later!

  2. You MUST stay at the convention hotel. It is how they get the space for the event.

  3. You can have 2 registered attendees in one room (so bring a friend!).

  4. Even programing begins in the morning and goes well into the evening. It is a full schedule beginning Thursday evening (Actually before but officially on Thursday evening) and ends on Sunday morning at 7am with the charity basket drawings.

If you are an author: Author registration is closed for 2023, but join the group for info on 2024. Also, consider coming this year as a reader so you have a better grasp of what we do. It is NOT just a signing. It is a full event with a signing on Saturday. Authors work their butts off making this event amazing for the readers and by spending time with them throughout the weekend.

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