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Interview with Author Heidi Catherine

Author: Heidi Catherine

Book in the Collection: The Kingdoms of Evernow

Tell us about your characters in this story: Gabrielle is an angel. She just doesn’t know it yet. Reading real fortunes from a fake crystal ball, her life is plagued by hunger, hardship, and terrifying visions. Cassius visits her to confirm the future he already knows to be true. Gabrielle tries to cut his reading short, but Cassius isn’t so easily deterred. He knows Gabrielle is the angel he’s been searching for all his life. As Gabrielle and Cassius fight against the terrifying plan the universe has mapped out for them, they’re forced to face the evil that’s coming their way. Do they take their future into their own hands and use their gifts to forge a better path? Or has fate already decided that the darkness will prevail…

What made you decide to join this set? Joining the Realm of Midnight box set was a great opportunity to work with a group of likeminded authors to connect with new readers. Working as a team toward a common goal is a lot more fun and rewarding than the usual solitary experience of being a writer!

What is your favorite thing about being an author? I love the creative process of being an author. Coming up with a story idea and then being able to flesh it out into characters and scenes that feel real. The only thing that beats this buzz is receiving a lovely review or email from a reader.

What are the tropes the reader will find in your story in this set?

Expect to find a running theme of good vs evil, along with a reluctant heroine, an evil ruler and a pair of sigh-worthy soulmates.

ROM releases in October, what is your favorite thing about Halloween?

I love how Halloween brings people out of their houses. Neighbors meet other neighbors they’ve never talked to before and everyone is in a good mood – the sugar overload might have something to do with that!

Author Bio: Heidi Catherine writes fantasy and dystopian novels, which gives her a chance to escape into worlds vastly different to her own life in the Australian burbs. While she quite enjoys killing her characters (especially the awful ones), she promises she’s far better behaved in real life. Other than writing and reading, Heidi’s current obsessions include watching far too much reality TV with the excuse that it’s research for her books. She also writes domestic suspense novels under the name HC Michaels.


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