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Interview with Author E.J. Powell

Tarnished Halo by E.J. Powell

Gabriel and Jezebel have a history, one that is forbidden among Angels. After falling from the Heavenly Realm, Jezebel is captured centuries later and told she will have to pay for her sins on Judgment Day.

The only problem? Her ex-lover Archangel Gabriel is the one to bring her in. Can love defy even the laws of Heaven?

  • Tell us a bit about you: I have been writing YA since I was seventeen. When writing I prefer YA with a touch of PNR, UF, F, and sometimes a little sci-fi. Storytelling is a passion for me, and I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. I live with my husband, two cats, and a rambunctious lab.

  • Why mythical creatures? Angels, Fallen Angels, Demons, and Shadow Demons.

  • What inspired this story? So when I was seventeen, I had come across this line of thinking about what it would've been like for a higher up Angel to capture a Fallen, but having been in love? Over the course of the years it was originally titled; "Chained to Gabriel" but the story was put on the back burner due to hitting a massive writer's block. Eventually, the story was officially completed and now being published after having it be a rough draft for so long. Originally the story was a standalone, but when I wrote and published my first Angel book, "The Unseen Protector" more ideas popped into my head, and thus gave way to finishing "Tarnished Halo". Now it's the second book to my Angels' Realm series.

  • What can we expect from this collection? Legends and myths as old as time itself. Stories woven together of both new and old. Prepare to be married off to this collection where everything is not as it seems and where one merely has to blink and will be whisked away to a whole new world.

  • Where can we find more of your work? (links)

Mythical Creatures is available for a limited time at your favorite ebook retailer:

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