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Interview with Author Diana Dawn

Author: Diana Dawn

Book in the Collection: Giving Class

Tell us about your characters in this story: Todd and Jennifer…two broke college freshmen that share classes together, study together and fall in love. Each of them has family issues that the other tries to help them endure.

What made you decide to join this set? This story is a contemporary story that is loosely based on the “Gift of the Magi”. I used to write and direct drama skits, and I wrote this story based on a short drama that I wrote and directed years ago. I joined this set because I enjoy writing clean romance and I really wanted to share this fun story. It is a wholesome, feel-good, romantic Christmas story with a positive life lesson and a happy ending.

If you had to use emojis only for your tagline, what would that look like?


What can readers expect from this collection? I have not had the privilege to read all of the submissions yet, but I am looking forward to it. I do know that this collection is a YA clean and wholesome book of uplifting and romantic Christmas stories.


New freshmen in college, Jennifer and Todd discover that their relationship has gone beyond being study partners and is blossoming into something more. It's too bad neither of them has two nickels to rub together, being broke college students. With the Christmas season coming up, they'll have to come up with some creative ways to express their love and give each other an outstanding Christmas. Money isn't everything when it comes to holidays or love.

Author Bio:

Diana Dawn is a writer and author of the book series, Whispering Willows. As a lover of fairy tales and romance, Diana has focused her writing on romantic fiction, with an occasional hint of classic fables. She has been a lifelong writer and first began creating stories in grade school. When she isn't glued to her computer or lost in her next fantasy story, Diana enjoys taking vacations with her husband and three children.


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