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Interview with Author Andra Dill

Author Name (s) Andra Dill

Genre(s) Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Steamy Romance

What made/inspired you decide to be a writer?

Since I was a kid I wanted to tell stories. I had amazing teachers who encouraged me to write. Then one day, I realized it had been thirty-three years since I published anything. Time is slippery! I took several writing classes to knock off the rust. One of the final assignments for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s class was to submit our story. I received a kind decline letter, but that gave me the courage to submit other stories. My next one was accepted.

What inspires your writing?

All kinds of things inspire me. Sometimes it is an image and I start thinking about the story behind it. Sometimes it is a side character in a story I’m writing. I can’t stop thinking about them, so they find themselves starring in the next tale. Other times it is the specifics of a submission call that inspires my story. And the question “what if?” always kick starts my imagination.

What's the first thing you remember writing, and how old were you?

A poem about the thoroughbred mare, Ruffian. I believe I was eleven.

Do you need quiet or can you write anywhere?

I can work up plots at coffee shops, but prefer quiet when writing. Once in a while, I will have instrumental or frequency music playing in the background.

How do you handle brain block?

Walking helps clear my mind. If I’m stuck on a plot point I talk to friends and bounce ideas off them.

If they could bring any character from any story from any time period to life, who would it be?

I’m torn between Kate Daniels Lennart (Ilona Andrews) and Mercy Thompson Hauptman (Patricia Briggs).

What made you want to write this particular piece?

Priya has shown up in flash fiction pieces and short stories published in anthologies.

When I wrote Grave Secrets a friend asked me how Priya and Miles met. All I knew for sure was a ghost brought them together. That question prompted me to write Holiday Haunting.

What can readers expect from your story?

Priya gets into a wee bit of trouble trying to help the ghost of a child. Of course, there’s a happy ending.

For those readers who are new to you, what book should they start off with and why?

Hearts Desire blends fantasy—Greek gods, with a second chance romance in a modern setting.






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