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Dracos YA Anthology Author K.M. Jenkins Interview

  1. Introduce yourself

My name is Katie Jenkins. I go by K.M. Jenkins for the books I author. I'm an introvert that spends a lot of time writing, reading, playing Magic of the Gathering, and spending time with my kids.

I live in the corn state of Iowa. I've lived here my entire life in the small city: Sioux City. It's not really that exciting around here. If it wasn't for my kids I would probably go nuts.

My favorite genre to write is Epic Fantasy with dragons at the center. I've always loved dragons. But my second favorite creature is the tricky fox.

Life is pretty epic in my mind even though life is stressful and dull. And if it wasn't for the community of authors I have met over the years I wouldn't be where I am today.

  1. Why dragons?

I have had a love for dragons ever since I read the book: Song in the Silence, by Elizabeth Kerner. She helped me create my first dragon character in my mind. This then led me to grab every dragon book I could get my hands on throughout my younger years. When I was in high school and I read Eragon my world officially took life. I've created countless dragons with riders through the years. I only started in 2018 to release my stories to the world.

  1. Story blurb:

The Emerald Knight

Tarza has been on the brink of war for ages. Since the dawn of the first queen things have been in disarray. Now Princess Rachel, the first born, must find her place amongst her people. They demand she take her place as queen after her father. But a deep feeling of doubt fills her heart that she doesn’t belong in this world.

One day a mysterious stranger comes to court and sweeps her off her feet. She falls madly in love and prepares to take her place as queen. But on one fateful day she finds her true destiny. Now she must decide if her loyalty to her people and her lover are worth giving up her place amongst the ryders.

Will she choose duty and love? Or will she choose freedom amongst the skies of Zorron?

  1. What’s next for you?

My next project is a short story for Cara North’s box set, Mythical Creatures. I am co-writing with my fiancé. It is about a young girl that moves to a new town to find the forest holds a deadly secret. She finds herself in over her head and things happen. I can’t go into much detail because it is short.

After that I plan to work on my next book in my Half-Blood Academy series. The Seeker’s Core was the first book. Now I am writing Lennox and Becca’s story some more in The Seeker’s Games. It is a fun fantasy scifi story that keeps you on your seat. I hope you will subscribe to my newsletter or join my readers group on facebook to get sneak peeks. I love giving out details on books before they are released.

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