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Whenever I write a story, I always have a picture in my head of the characters, and if often helps to find a picture of a person who can inspire the description of the character I’m writing. For Of Glass and Ashes I didn’t have particular people in mind while writing, but when asked for my dream cast, there were some actors that seemed to fit perfectly.

If Of Glass and Ashes is every made in a movie, here’s who I’d LOVE to see in it!

Ember Farrow

Karen Gillan

Ember is a fiery redhead in more ways than one. She’s a fire elemental and a magical glassblower, who breathes her intent into every piece she creates. She’s devoted to her family, and to keeping the secret of Cinderella’s glass slippers, so when they’re stolen and she’s accused of the crime, it’s up to her to find the thief while still protecting the secret.

Karen Gillan would be the perfect blend of intelligence and action star to play Ember.

Agent Calder Ford, FBI

Trevor Donovan

I have to admit, I have no idea if this guy can act or not, but he’s definitely looks like how I’d imagine Ford - a sandy-haired, blue-eyed, water elemental who’s determined to crack the case at all costs.

He’s dedicated to his job and to justice, but he’s not a strictly by-the-book kind of FBI agent. Ford follows his gut more than procedure, and his gut tells him Ember may not be guilty, but she definitely has a secret. He won’t stop until he figures out what it is.

Agent Sasha Alvarez, FBI

Mishel Prada

Ford’s partner, Sasha Alvarez, is the good cop to Ford’s bad cop, and he’s come to rely on her to keep him on track. Sasha is tough, smart, and good at her job.

Flat iron that bob to razor-straight edges and put her in a suit, and Mishel Prada is perfect for Sasha.

Henri Farrow

Kristofer Hivju

Ember’s great-great-(few more greats) grandfather was a fire elemental who created the Crystal Slippers for a young girl who’d had a rough time of it. He wanted to help young Giselle Lavigne, but his magic was more powerful than even he suspected, and the result of his generous act, more disastrous . . .

Giselle Lavigne, aka Cinderella

Elle Fanning

When you’re casting a Cinderella who goes from innocent to . . . not-so-innocent, you need an actress with that kind of range. You can’t go wrong with Elle Fanning. She has the beauty and innocence everyone expects from Cinderella, but can also play the villain with the best of them.

Antoinette d'Auberi

Michele Pfeiffer

Antoinette is Giselle’s godmother, one of the Fée (French for Fae) with the ability to influence others. Along with Henri, she endeavors to help Giselle, a decision they both come to regret . . . and eventually take dire steps to remedy.

Madame Lavigne, Giselle’s Stepmother

Lena Headey

If you’ve seen Lena Headey in Game of Thrones, you know why she’s the perfect pick to play Giselle’s wicked stepmother, Madame Levigne.

Unfortunately, she’s not the only evil character in this fairy tale . . .

So there you have it, my dream cast for Of Glass and Ashes. I’d love to hear who you picture as the characters once you’ve read the story - so drop me a line!

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