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Interview with Rituals & Runes Author, Solo Storm

Rituals & Runes is the PERFECT escape to worlds filled with paranormal, romance, urban fantasy, and more! And you can get a sneak peek into one of the stories exclusive to the box set, Dark Angels.

Check out this author's interview with Solo Storm to find out about her contribution!

Author: Solo Storm

Title: Dark Angels

R & R: What is the one aspect of your story that you think readers will enjoy?

Solo: The story mixes angel fantasy, mafia romance, and academy, which is something I haven’t seen done a ton. The dark and light of angels works well with mafia romance, and I’ve situated them at an elite academy.

R & R: That sounds like an incredible combination the readers will love.

Name something magical from the plot of your story.

Solo: The academy they eventually get to is impenetrable by anyone outside of students and staff, and the building will not create quarters for you unless you agree to enroll in the school.

R & R: It will be exciting to see how you incorporate that into a story.

What book or genre would you love to write in?

Solo: I write in the genres I love already. Fantasy, romance, sci-fi, and any combination.

R & R: Multi-talented and something I know attracts readers!

What is something you’ve tried and would love to do so again?

Solo: I really want to write a clean contemporary romance under a pen name.

R & R: You should go for it!

What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

Solo: My main series is Waters Dark and Deep, which is about the Hallows and Nephilim and gives more of a foundation for the worldbuilding of this series, too. All of my fantasy series are set in the Archworldverse.

R & R: Fantastic. I can only how complex and imaginative the world is that you created.

What is the best part of being an author?

Solo: I love working from home, setting my own schedule, and being able to create stories for a living. There are lots of challenging parts of this business, but I enjoy the business aspect of it too. I also get great satisfaction from watching my work multiply year over year and knowing that I did it myself, I own it for 70+ years after my death (copyright law), and that I can find new ways to make money with it for as long as I live.

R & R: You have an amazing perspective on the world of writing.

Fun Question - Do you prefer a quiet dinner with friends or a night out at a club?

Solo: In my early twenties: a night out at a club

In my late thirties: definitely the quiet dinner with friends or preferably, a quiet dinner with my husband, no kids!

R & R: A date night – perfect. Thank you so much for giving us a sinful taste of your life as an author!


Dark Angels (Omertà Angel Elite Academy #1)

Dark and Magical Twin Mafia Angels Have Come To Claim Their Princess.

Leona Capo has a plan. Spread a rumor about eye-witnessing a murder. Stage a spot to get kidnapped by a dangerous mob family. Smoke out her mafia boss mom who is impossible to track. What could possibly go wrong?

She doesn’t see a way forward in her life until she finds her missing sister, Margot. But when she puts her life in the hands of mobster Nephilim twins, can she get herself out of the mess they create? Or will she need a miracle man to save her?


“And you are sure you want to do this, Leona?”

She flipped her long golden curls over her shoulder. Her father Michael Capo, head of a special Hallow unit in Saint Louis, Missouri, that stopped criminal magic in the Archworld, had asked her this twelve billion times over the last few months—or at least that’s what it felt like. But her mind was made up. She needed to know what happened to her missing older sister. And she would do anything—even sacrifice parts of herself—to get the answers she needed.

She didn’t respond. It didn’t matter. Her father was never going to approve of her choice to take up the family business when she was just barely eighteen and still coming into her magic. He thought she should be older before attempting to help solve crimes. He thought she should be older before getting involved with the Nephilim family who ran the Chicago mafia…Along with the twin Valentino brothers that were not much older than her and had already established a far-reaching reputation for themselves.

“Should this even work,” he continued, “they will bully you to no end. Those twins are vicious. They will test you. They will try to claim you as theirs."

The thought of the attractive twins having control over her made her uneasy, but she felt resolute in her decision. "And I will find my sister, even if I have to infiltrate their ranks, find their darkest secrets, and take them down one by one until they give me what I want." Some part of her knew that she would never be able to move forward with her life until she had answers. Where was Margot? How and why did she disappear into thin air?

Author Bio:

Solo Storm is USA Today bestselling author best known for her young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance series, Waters Dark and Deep. Solo started reading young adult books when she was seven and never managed to grow out of them. To find out what she’s up to and get access to her latest fiction updates, go to

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