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Interview with Author R.L. Perez

Author: R.L. Perez

Book in the Collection: Serpent & Flame

Tell us about your characters in this story: This story follows Medusa—a cursed witch called Marina—as she seeks to unlock the dark magic that clings to her. When she realizes the key to unlocking her curse rests in the hands of a god she despises, she is forced to work with him to undo the magic that's bound her.

What made you decide to join this set? There are so many fabulous authors participating in this anthology, and I was so eager for the chance to work with them! I'm also excited to be working toward the USA Today list, which is something I've never achieved before.

What is your favorite thing about being an author? Creating stories! The possibilities are endless, and the art of crafting tales that can come to life is such a rich and invigorating experience to me.

What are the tropes the reader will find in your story in this set? Second chance romance, enemies to lovers, forced proximity

ROM releases in October, what is your favorite thing about Halloween? Cooler weather! Among other things (autumn leaves, spooky vibes, costumes, pumpkin-flavored delicacies, the list goes on and on!).

Author Bio: R.L. Perez is an author, wife, mother, and reader. She's published three YA urban fantasy series and is currently working on Ivy & Bone, a NA fantasy romance series. She lives in Florida with her husband and two children. On a regular basis, she can usually be found napping, reading, feverishly writing, revising, or watching an abundance of Netflix. More than anything, she loves spending time with her family. Her greatest joys are her two kids, nature, literature, and chocolate.


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