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Interview with Author Julie C. Gilbert

Tell us about you as a writer:

I’ve been writing since college. I have stories in nonfiction, mystery, thriller, scifi, and fantasy.

Why Vella?

Vella’s been awesome because it challenges me to keep to a schedule.

Bonuses are great right now too.

I love the ability to write multiple genres simultaneously. If you’re working on a full length novel, it can suck you into a hole that’s all about that. But, with Vella, I’m updating 3-4 stories at the same time, so I can switch genres on the fly.

Tell us about your Vella story (stories):

I have 11 Vellas right now. I should be working on the 12th, but eh, procrastination is an art form to most writers.


  • Dear Ann (education stories; not under my name because I wanted to be honest with my accounts)

  • 5 Steps to Better Dialogue - writing, self-help

  • Totally Random Reviews - my opinions on popular movies, candy, game apps, etc.


  • Christmas Shorts 1: A Heartfelt Cases Wedding - Christian mystery, a woman gets kidnapped on her wedding day and her FBI agent sister tries desperately to find her.

  • Assassin School - a girl is being trained as a spy and, eventually, an assassin.

Science Fiction:

  • Minder Project - a young woman tries to escape life in government control, but she also wants to help those like her (tough spot to be in)

  • Devya’s Children 5: Dustin’s Decision - set before Minder Project, this is a continuation of a YA scifi series already out in ebook, paperback, and audiobook. Kids trying to survive government control.

  • Earth’s Melody - light scifi, basically a soap opera set in space on a tiny ship. A team of actors band together to try to rescue a planet from tyranny.


  • Aeris Legends: Wrath and War - the lore and background for a fictional game world as narrated by a sassy AI.

  • Casual Gamers 1: Jason and the Lightning Destroyer - Jason Stone is an extraordinary gamer. His skills get him wrapped up in a dangerous real life game with the lives of his friends and family at stake.

  • Trials, Tribulations, and Trust Issues - A superhero reluctantly reviews multiple superpowers.

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