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Beauty & The Bones by Diana Dawn

Fun (or not so fun) fact about my series. I have been a web designer most of my life as a career, and so I enjoy designing book covers. The female shown on the first two books in my series is really me, photographed in costume in front of a green screen.

Well, on the photoshoot for my first book "Fallen Snow", believe it or not, I broke my foot! Yes, that's right, I actually broke my foot! I was putting on a large crinoline petticoat for under the yellow skirt, and I lost my balance. I leaned to the left, putting pressure on the side of my left foot, so as not to fall over and I heard a "snap" on that side. It had to be the worst sound a person could hear.

To add insult to injury, I am in musical theater. The day before this happened, I was just offered a song and dance role in a musical show that I really wanted. The doctor said it would heal quicker with less risk to be re-broken if I had surgery. So I went that route. Then they said it would be 6-8 weeks in a "boot" staying off of it as much as possible.

Yeah, sorry, that's not how I roll. A week after surgery I was doing dance rehearsals. I just saved all the prescription pain meds for the dance rehearsals! The choreographer asked if I was cleared to dance, and I told her that my doctor said that it was "according to my pain threshold"...which wasn't a lie. So I left it at that.

Course now every time I ask my husband to help me with my next photoshoot, you can guess what he says..."OK, but don't break your foot this time!"

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