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Need help getting started? This is a quick guide to help you navigate and plan your adventure. From choosing a pen name to finding your network, it is practical advice for beginners and reminders of best practices for authors.

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Writer's Block? Pandemic block?  This is a quick guide to help you get back on track, overcome obstacles, and keep you motivated.  It is practical advice for beginners and reminders of best practices for authors.

Need a Writing Coach? 

Coaching Services


Accountability is one of the most taxing parts of being a writer. You want to write, need to write, and yet…you do not write!

Let’s fix that. Some people need deadlines and someone to answer to. I’ll be that coach for you. I would not call my process gentle by any means, but I will not make you feel like a loser either.

It’s real. I will have the same conversations I have with you that I have been having with students and peers for over 14 years. If you are ready to talk it out, get it started, keep it moving, or finish that thing, then you might be ready to set up some coaching sessions with me.

Let’s find out.


Topics to get you thinking before our first meeting:


  1. What are your goals? Have at least 1 up to 5.

  2. What is your availability? Live sessions require you to be present for them.

  3. What are your current obstacles-if you know? You might not know.



Stuff I can help you with:


  1. Goal setting for short- and long-term plans

  2. Finding time to write-you might not like this part

  3. Accountability-you really might not like this part

  4. Brainstorming-you will love this part

  5. Resilience insight-you may or may not like this part

  6. Stepping into the spotlight (Establishing your digital footprint)-unless you love marketing, no one likes this part


Questions & Answers:


That is a lot of stuff that I might not enjoy doing, why would I sign up for this?

Because you need to. You might not want to, but if you are looking for a way to get on track and get back on track when you fall off, this is a way.


Other coaches charge more, why are you charging less?

Other coaches make all the above sound pleasant and appealing. I’m not going to lie to you and make promises I can’t keep. When I started this site as a means of housing my writing and sharing my writing journey to help others, I told myself I would keep the prices on anything related to author services as low as I could. I never want someone to miss out because they can’t afford it. You can pay more if you want, just add a tip. I need to be accessible to those who can’t in order to keep that commitment I made to my ‘just starting out’ self.


What if it doesn’t work?

You won’t get a refund, that’s for sure. The only way this doesn’t work is if you don’t work the plan. I cannot make you put pen to paper or fingers to keys. If it was easy, everyone would do it. It isn’t. If it takes you longer than someone else, guess what? You still did it. No one can take this from you, but no one can do it for you either.


I’m ready for some semi-tough love in my writing life, where do I sign this bondage document?

Yes, there will be a contract. We have to decide what that will be together just like in any good D/s relationship. Just kidding, but not really. It may feel this scary and intense for some of you. I get it and I will get you through it…. Like any good D would.


Okay, so how do I get started?

Fill out the form and we will set up a live meeting via Zoom that will work for both of our schedules. This initial meeting costs $15 and will be invoiced via PayPal.

In that 30-50 minutes we have 3 goals:


  1. Get to know each other a bit so we know if we are right for one another in this venture. If we are, we move on to numbers 2 and 3.  If not, I will point you to other resources.

  2. Identify goals and establish a plan for what you will do before the next meeting.

  3. Set a follow-up date and time for the next meeting.


 How much will this cost me?

$30 per 50-minute session paid via PayPal prior to the session.


Can I buy in bulk?

Sure. I can send an invoice for a set amount of meetings. 

Will I get a discount?

No. I’m already a discount rate.


Can I pay any other way?

No. My PayPal is a business account, so it protects me and you. If I do not show up for a meeting, you can request a refund on that meeting. If you don’t show up for a meeting, you do NOT get a refund. I blocked that time off my schedule for you and if you are not dead or in a legit emergency situation, you could have emailed ahead and rescheduled so I can do something else with that time-like write. 

Ready for that meeting? 
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Thanks for registering. You will see an email invite with more details soon!